The Past - The Future.....

Here is a treatise on how to corrupt Freemasonry, as is stands at 06th June 2019. If a Freemason fails to grasp the theme of this model, then their fate is certain, for this is not the only future available. Corruption is here

Tuesday, 4 June 2019   0449

very brief final IP claim, the publishing of a summary of the final facts - finito, finale, the ultimate result and final temporary outcome... till later.....

In a perfectly silent world, there is organic Vs decision-based AVH's.

Last night began and ended the final instalment of the 28 year death battle and wagering that was Freemasonry. (which as far as I can ascertain, this [Freemasonry] refers to a parallel 'dimension' of so called "Ghosts" et al that cause psychosis and schizophrenia) . 180619 - Today is my last day in the parallel of their dimension. I have found the fulcrum to bring most of their network of independent lodges, chapters, districts, temples, and other 'houses' of bretheren. 

I would like to conclude this effort by thanking all of those involved, on both and either side, especially my foe. My obligation to the truth though compels me to acknowledge that other than a very small number (6) of occasional agents, I acted alone, and was my own army.  " Oh, God, your power was with us. What happened here is your doing alone, not ours. When was there ever before so great a loss on one side and so little on the other, in the ordinary and equal clash of battle? Take credit, God, for it is no one's doing but yours." (by: William Shakespeare - Act 4 Scene 8, Henry V). They (You - The Freemasons) have now approximately 7 hours (AEST) before I make my last pitch. Thank you sincerely, for the opportunity to demonstrate who I really am.

My voices protest that I am not allowed to publish this, because it will fuck up the hopes and dreams of those  conspiring against me, but I have an obligation to treat myself with the same respect and courtesy through even handedness that I provide for all other peoples, without bias, bigotry, prejudice or exception. "Even as men wrecked upon a shore...". And "self love is not so vile a sin, as self neglect".

They tell me that there are 7 death "warrants" (they obviously don't know what that word means - I think they mean "contracts") currently circulating to end my life, but unfortunately the entity (people / organisation) financing them has overlooked a couple of essential details. Otherwise, this is my "sharp defiance"!

Notwithstanding this, after many emails, some distinctive, contentious and downright unacceptable and allegedly wrong (incorrect?) publications to secure my IP rights (done because only SJS 008 God realises the necessity for, and possesses the instrument to measure, goodwill, in whose absence IP cannot be secured in the global law of Earth 2019), I have during the course of the normal interrogation (meaning naked, on the floor in increasing agony), precipitated the absolutely final sine qua non implication of the questioning of interrogation. From their (Freemasons et al) perspective, it is safe and appropriate to ask the questions below, because I will shortly be deceased (not 'dead' of course!).

M?: Scott, how can Freemasonry be fixed?
S:  It has never been in better shape. "You met a strategist". You lives have never been more illustrious, and you all better off. The proof? Find me one voice that says it needs fixing!?

......... half a minute....

S: 1: no membership permitted until 35 years of age. Anyone below that currently gets cut off and excluded in silence until they reach that age. 2: Activation requires only the drawing of an irregular polygon on the a piece of paper or parchment of any sort. (a half minutes dispute) 3: no membership for anyone exceeding 55 years of age.

..... (Unrealised by them, the previous questions and the following indicated explicitly and implicitly, without dissent, therefore unanimous, that I am the defacto last one standing and remnant of global Freemasonry)

M?: that won't work

S: It can't be beat, or avoided, (or corrupted) and there is not a single voice(s) in dissent. Furthermore, it will discredit

M?: any more fixes

S: yes one. I will publish this conversation in summary, and include as fix # 4 the declaration of my resignation by the end of June 2019, and declare that the new leader will be either RT or GK, modulated by the current "champion" based on a census of everyone who watches these men fighting on/in your "Mind Cinema". Notwithstanding this, show up where and when I do, and get the fight that The Supreme Being originally prescribed.

M?: what do you think will happen

S: they will either avoid it in some way, forge and agreement and sidestep the fight, or (added after the fact) pre-arrange the outcome, or morph and get two other individuals to do it, or cheat or sidestep in some way as to invalidate the blood being that must spilt. I will it my blood. Else the future is afoot

M?: how will you get around it?

S: by declaring as leader that the fight be videod (filmed) and re-played to every single member of Freemasonry, and the census be taken. Anyone who doesn't vote gets their Freemasonry revoked and rescinded (notwithstanding malfeasance).

M?: any more

As at 171219 2034

S: Here is the Sine Qua Non:  instead of that stupid set of rules that governs participants in this chapter, I propose a single mandate: That any Freemason who denies that they are  Freemason, has their augmented capabilities, stemming from their collaboration with The Supreme Being (this so called 'Ghost'), rescinded, entirely, and irrevocably. See "Substitution" et seq.

Substitution: You have consent from your bretheren to inflict decision based schizophrenia upon them. (This is assuming that only mammals are capable of becoming schizophrenic). As soon as you proclaim some weak, sodden excuses or justifications as to why that cannot be done, then those who are free to abstain from torturing teenagers and children can utilize those same justifications and lame excuses to exclude themselves from your duress, and halt torturing unwitting and young victims.

......M?: any more ....

S:  All future pornography product (NVE) manufactured in any jurisdiction as an act of Freemasonry, must or can be uploaded to secure and properly backed up servers, along with the completion of online release forms accompanying the upload function, with the release forms requiring tax file numbers and social security numbers, with enforcement that assigns a punitive exclusion of government benefits and a  the application of a  taxation levy for any fraudulent, improper, inaccurate, incomplete, false or misleading content provided in the content submitted in the release forms. Other penalties can be devised and leveraged by requesting Australian Statutory drafts-people to provide any requesting jurisdiction intending to add to the penalties resulting from infringement of the product upload and release form requirements.(in thew English speaking world)

The above transcript is not a proper transcript, and was written immediately after the fact, ex post facto. My auditory verbal hallucinations tell me that the last 2.5 year campaign has resulted in me being currently for now the the so far undisputed, absolute winner at 6th June 2019 in the 'Battle For Planet Earth'.

The following numbers are ad-hoc collected descriptive statistical data derived from mental health forums, and ad-hoc samples from social media and comments data on the WWW. I will update these results measurements over the next two years.

The results shown in the measures described above indicate. I have silenced ("killed" in their [Freemason] code words) approximately between  6 and 6,150,000 Freemasons. I have "cured" (successfully treated long term, until they negotiate their separation from psychiatric care) between approximately 2,700,000 and 3,800,000 schizophrenics in the English speaking world); mostly young people. The voices that are symptomatic of their schizophrenia have gone, leaving them to negotiate with their p.doc.psych an attenuation of the comorbid psychopharmacology, which will take over a year or so. Also, I have prevented the suicide (in the English speaking world) of approximately 51,800 schizophrenics per annum, hopefully in an ongoing and durable way; and free of any trend  or seasonality (hallmarks of contrived variation). 

UPDATE 1st July 2019

Whilst collecting the data to measure the impact upon schizophrenia resulting from my work to combat 'Freemasonry', the latest estimate based on 1 data point yielded an 81% decrease in the amount of (decision based) schizophrenia in the English speaking world. So there should be approximately between 912,000 - 1,440,000 people still suffering with no change to their agony from schizophrenia Despite my pleas, no one will peer review my methodology and results. But approximately between 3,888,000 - 3,336,000 people should now have only infrequent or NO (none) AVH's to report (this 'reporting' is subject to the psychiatric perverse paradox regarding the scientific model of understanding of decision based schizophrenia [see here]). This should save approximately 51,840 mostly young lives per year! 

Please someone register as a member and double check my calculations.


Partial Recalculations 7th October 2019: 

There has been an appro9ximate 38% reduction in the number of posts in the Schizophrenia Forum of the Mental Helath Forum; that is, there are only 62% as many posts as there were in Decembger 2018 (and that measurement started quite late [I unrelaibly recall 15,000 posts prior to my measurements begininng!]. This means that there are approximately 2,976,000 remaining schizophrenics, down from approximately 4,800,000; so I have "cured" 1,824,000 people. This is utilised to thereby impute by inferrance that there are 2,470,000 remaining, active (and decision making), non-silenced Freemasons, down from 6,500,000 at the start of 2018.


In Australia this translates from my 28 year fight / battle - I contributed wholly, in the absence of confoundedness, to reduce the Australian incidence/prevalence of schizophrenia down from 37.392 to approximately 21,313 ( 

If you would like the raw data, and computation methodology, please contact me. I am keen for peer review. (

Now the above results seem improbable and virtually impossibly good, hinting at unreliability, and they probably are. But I will happily provide upon request a full methodology describing the methods use to collect the data, and the raw data itself, for peer review.. Those results above, though very ad-hoc, are in fact quite reliable. It is their durability that I pray for.

I will be retiring at the end of June 2019, from my position as last one of few standing, to be replaced by the sole victor of the fight as per original Olympian rules, between GK and RT (and as of 150619 PW/PB), filmed on a small number (3,4,5 or so) different formats (8mm, super 8mm, analogue video, digital video, 35mm, and smart phone vision), with many synchronised audio channels, played at least once simultaneously to every single Freemason, and any Freemason not present for the particular pre-arranged 'screening' of the bout will have their Freemason status revoked, and concluding this broadcast, and vote measured like a bet (as the bets are usually decided), to be summed and counted, to indicate the winner.

Any dispute??? - IF SO -  then you explain, (utilising your IP rights), where, what and why the questions (interrogation) shown in this pseudo-transcript fail to ostensibly declare me the absolute victor. I supersede "The Scottish Rite" and outrank it as "The Wizard Of Oz". Being indisputably true and accurate, and proper, to the extent that no Freemason can publish it, but none can dispute or exceed it, in the telepathic domain, or in the human domain, or the statistical domain.

Concluded 0449 4th June 2019 - in the presence of the BD"%#$S, apparently not B#$# member :PW/PB, but witnessed by DHJ, PW,  LS, JD, CD, et al.

FInally, I have been hearing rumours of an alleged SnapChat account. I would like to reassure you that despite your wishes, dreams and hopes, there is not likely to be any permanent alteration, replacement, changing or inaccuracy of any IP addresses. Sorry, but I bet I am correct in this assertion. I'm not just trying to spoil your day. Penalties from notorious Freemason traps will apply, as per previous traps.

This is dedicated to the dishonourable members of the 1%MC clubs of Australia and USA, who are inexplicably present in my voices, despite the fact I don't know and have otherwise never really thought about them. I understand that the majority of members are like me, and can deal readily with this type of betrayal, and I forecast these honourable but hard men will be instrumental in securing the quality, prosperity, and confidence in the availability of opportunities in the future. Cheers men. God speed. Ride safe please.